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I have formed this little child
You hold within your heart
My mercy and My goodness
Have been there from the start
The face, the hands, the smile
I shaped all that you see
Take this gift I've given you
And raise this child of Me

The second star to the right
shines in the night for you
to tell you that the dreams you plan
really can come true.

Before you were born
I loved you
Now you're here
I'd die for you

Ten little fingers and ten little toes
two little ears and one little nose
Our baby's so perfect, cute and new
she's left her impression
on our hearts, too!

You're one in a Million
Yes, that's what you are
To us so very special
Like a bright shining star
The road ahead is empty
It's paved with miles of the unknown
Whatever seems to be your destination
Take life the way it comes
Take life the way it is

For one so small you seem so strong
Our arms will hold you
keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can't be broken
We will be here don't you cry

She sleeps through almost every sound
even when it's screaming loud and clear
but she wakes up
and smiles at a friendly voice
if it whispers softly in her ears

I want to keep this feeling inside
for a little more
must be daddy's pride and joy
a little baby boy
is lying in my arms here tonight

They say that it was raining
on the day you were born
but it was heaven crying
because it has just lost
his most beautiful angel
The gift you are
dream of a bright tomorrow
know that your dream will come true
carry your dream in a sparkling cristal jar
then you will know
the kind of gift you are

We cherish this very moment,
now you're near,
Never known completeness,
like being here
Wrapped in the warmth of You
Loving every breath of You
So we know that a gift so great
Is only one love could create..

Whose eyes sparkle like the stars?
Whose smiles outshines the sun?
Whose skin is soft as moon-glow?
Our precious little one!

There are many wonders
great and small
but you my child are the most
beautifull of them all

one + one = two
two = me + you
two + one = three
three = family

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